Vesna Plavec from Slovenia made a crown for Queen fitness model 2017

For IBFF International bodybuilding & fitness Federation Competition ||, Avantgard Metalli produced tiaras for the winners in the MISS FITNES MODEL categories and crown for the winner of all categories – Queen of the year 2017.

Tiaras and crown are handmade, forged from industrial aluminum. The process requires thousands of impacts with a hammer and a huge fire. They represent all the power and energy that is brought into the lifestyle of competitors.

Magnificent tiaras for mighty Lady’s. Strong, muscular and respectful athletes.

Our fresh Avantgard Metalli promotional roll up on stage is in great company. Vesna & supervises” from the audience

Winners in the Miss categories fight for the highest position. Tiaras wonderfully complement the warrior spirit.

Good luck Lady’s. Crown is waiting for the Queen with Duško Madžarović IBFF president.

And the winner is Miriam Kabadas from Austria.

IBFF OVER ALL QUEEN OF THE YEAR 2017 is MIRIAM KABADAS (Austria). Congrats Miriam!
The Queen also received a gift, a trio set from the Avantgard Metalli Warrior Princess Collection.

Corrections before photoshooting and mingling with sponsors.

Vesna Plavec Feeling cool with such a Royal company 😉 Queen the Winner Miriam and wonderful judge Lari <3 we really rock

Divine Goddess Miriam.

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