The first meeting with professional photographers was on home turf. Gams club is our “field office”
where we are domesticated, comfortable to say like part of the inventory.

With a few samples in a small aluminum suitcase (read small treasures), we wanted to test how photogenic is our jewelry, how the models feel by wearing it, so the first contact with cultural phenomenon of modern times – fashion. About the whole gathered team, we will have some more stories.

In the background – backstage, severe preparations take place. You cannot even imagine how exhausting it is, no kidding, it’s really hard work. But fun and pleasant, when the team is really good.

Black & red HOT combo. The hell of a hot model Marinka.

Fantastic Nina in black & silver shades.

Finally, a recipe on how to strangle a Beauty. Ingredients: Marisa, the jewelry, in this case a metal collar for the photo shooting. Vesna Plavec: “Do not be afraid, just a little pinch.”

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