Top 10 Slovenian models under the precise, graceful baton of director, choreographer Iggy. A
priceless experience.

Artistic Director: Igor Jelen – Iggy is a world-famous ART traveler. It would be easier to write a book about his fabulous beautiful personality, than a presentation in just a couple of sentences. Did Imention how darn sexy he is? See for yourself!

Under the spotlight we set up raw, hand-formed jewelry, cut from aluminum façade structures.

Divine Goddess Jana.

Bojan and Alan, just rude good, contemporary Spartacus look.

Cute, honest HOT sandwich!

Vesna Plavec: “TOP evening. Sincere thanks and profound respect to my dear Iggy. It was a great honor to spend such a TOP Event with you and your TOP Dream team”

In the background – backstage was too HOT and dark to share a photo 😉
And again: You cannot even imagine how exhausting it is, no kidding, it’s really hard work. But fun and pleasant with such an excellent, TOP-notch organization. First-class!!!

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