In short. Modern fashionable styles with a mixture of the Victorian era’s romantic view of science in literature and elements from the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s. Science fiction with no limit, metal based on steam power machines details. The fashion is designed with a post-apocalyptic era in mind.

Vesna: The idea of the Steampunk Creation is fantastic. Metals, materials that some see as a waste are born again, revived with new energy. I’ll be playing with aluminum, designing, molding, cutting, sewing, forging, tailoring… all my favorite techniques. We needed a few great very wide crinoline, corset, hats, garments, details from old watches…. How to make a beautiful creation from top- high-quality wallpapers and a bunch of recycled industrial aluminum? Let’s see.


The first choice of wallpaper is the imitation of leather. I also want shades from the palette of patina, from dark brown and bronze to blue. Our aluminum, however, needs some dyeing and shading, shades that resemble old useless copper and brass.
HAT, ACTUALY Victorian Tall Top Hat

The hat will be lined with a thin sheet, a thick foil, reinforced with a metal band, made of rought metal. Foil and twine, sewing, bonding, attachements. Also clips and belts, forged, colored, metal strips and a beautyful top hat is made.

Creating a corset. Similar techniques are used as those described when making a hat.

Some close ups of the details.

All the mechanisms were made by Bojan. Many old watches and antique appliances were dismantled and resused. 😉

Both blue creations are repurpused for a diverse look of the models.

Vesna: this is my vision of alternative steampunk subculture, Avantgard metalli look;) I’m satisfied, but the next will be completely black or completely metal 😉

Top models, Top creations, Top ambient, everything really fused into an extravagant presentation.

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