There have been lots of giggles at our command center today as this technique reminds us of baking cookies. The rings almost look like cookies roasting in the oven. Thick industrial aluminum wire is cut to the appropriate length, forged to the desired thickness, polished and ready for “baking”. 😉 Melting metal surface with fire (with a burner, of course, it would not be possible in the oven ;)) create a unique texture, mat satin, almost silky look. Every single one is different, and unique… Perfect non-perfection. They look like the fire actually raised them a bit, like cookies (a huge laugh again : D). Forming the circle-ring shape is then necessary with a wooden hammer. We want to preserve as much of its uniqueness as possible and keep the fire roasted look.

Born with fire

But this “cookie” is even more strange and different, it has another specialty. By wearing it we slowly unknowingly polish it, it changes with us and after a certain time, the matte look changes into a gloss. We initially planned to coat the finished products with either paint it or dip it into resin.

No, we have now decided to leave it as is, a raw, rustic, natural, simple and elegant, minimalist ring with its unique structure.

Incredible, such a natural but extremely hot, cruel process creates such a grace <3

That’s what I am. <3 If you like me or not, decide for yourself 😉

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