We love every precious piece of our jewelry. Because it’s cool, too cool to care. We do not burden ourselves with maintenance and do not buy unnecessary cleaners. We skipped all the science and costs of cleaning. We clean our jewelry with ordinary soap.

With Avantgard Metalli jewelry we enjoyed and swam in the pools, diving in the sea, with us in the garden, …

All metals oxidize. Our aluminum makes the oxidation layer only to a certain extent itself and this only improves its appearance.

For us it’s a noble patina. You know noble moldy cheese, noble mold in wine cellars… We truly adore this additional appearance of aging, adding a special charm to the style of antique metal treatment. Also, remove it and wash it if you want. The choice is yours. We worship it.

NO NEED to avoid cleansers, they cannot damage AM jewelry
NO NEED to avoid water, even seawater, AM jewelry is quite content in the sea
NO NEED to avoiding swimming pools, chlorine does not hurt AM jewelry
DO NEED to avoid perfume and cosmetics…

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